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NRX Strap Instructions

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1 Stable Wrist Wrap

1 Stable Wrist Wrap Material NRX ® 110 mm + 2 hook tabs – One strap, unlimited options! 2 NRX ® Strap · Stable Wrist Wrap Cut a 35-40 cm length of the NRX ® 110 mm strap. In the middle of the strap, cut a hole for the thumb, off center. Under the thumb hole you cut a curve. The space between the top of the curve and hole should be 15-25 mm. Cut a shaped curve from the 10-15 mm from the top of the hole and angle it towards the end of the strap on one side. Do the same on the other side but keep this part slightly wider. Splint the end of that part. Position the thumb through the hole and let the wider part of the strap run over the volar side. 3 4 Apply the narrow strap that goes on the dorsal side around the wrist and secure it again on the dorsal side. Caring instructions The NRX ® strap can be washed in 40 degrees machine wash with a liquid detergent. Always use a laundry bag. Remove the hook parts before washing and let air dry. Wrap the wide part on the volar side around the wrist. You might have enough material to do two turns. It that feels too bulky, simply trim the length of the strap. © Mediroyal Nordic AB 2018 Mediroyal Nordic AB · Box 7052 · 192 07 Sollentuna · Sweden · Tel +46 8 506 766 00 · ·

5 Once the straps are attached it should provide a good support and compression to the wrist area. If needed, re-tighten the straps. If you want to restrict more extension, put a wide hook tap on the surface under the straps. If you need more ulnar support, apply a strip over that area too. NRX ® Strap · Stable Wrist Wrap Mediroyal Nordic AB · Box 7052 · 192 07 Sollentuna · Sweden · Tel +46 8 506 766 00 · ·

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