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NRX Strap Instructions

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Supination Assist

Supination Assist Material NRX ® 50 mm + 2 hook tabs 1 2 – One strap, unlimited options! NRX ® Strap · Supination Assist Start by cutting approx. 50-60 cm length of NRX ® 50 mm strap. Cut down the sides of one end of the strap so its 25-30 mm wide. 3 4 5 Trim the hook part so it fits the width of the end and attach it. Attach it around the thumb with support over the thenar eminence. Caring instructions The NRX ® strap can be washed in 40 degrees machine wash with a liquid detergent. Always use a laundry bag. Remove the hook parts before washing and let air dry. © Mediroyal Nordic AB 2018 If possible, position the hand and arm in a neutral position, stretch the NRX ® strap slightly and wrap it around the lower arm with 5 cm in between the strap turns. Make sure that the compression is even and not too tight. Mediroyal Nordic AB · Box 7052 · 192 07 Sollentuna · Sweden · Tel +46 8 506 766 00 · ·

6 When reaching the elbow crease, apply the strap from the base of the ulnar side and pass over the crease. Then apply the strap over the biceps. If you are using an ErixThree shoulder brace to control the shoulder, you might attach the strap higher onto the shoulder brace surface. NRX ® Strap · Supination Assist 7 8 When the strap is applied correctly it should provide a dynamic supination of the wrist and lower arm. If you need a dynamic extension of the wrist, cut a 30 cm long strap of the NRX ® 30 mm. Attach a hook part in each end. Apply one end onto the radial side of the surface of the first turn on the lower arm. 9 10 Let the strap run under the MCP joints and attach it onto ulnar side of the second or third turn. The attachment can also be positioned on the radial side for a higher ulnar extension effect. To prevent the strap from separating, a hook part can be attached to hold them together. When correctly applied the patient will get a dynamic extension effect in combination with supination assist. Mediroyal Nordic AB · Box 7052 · 192 07 Sollentuna · Sweden · Tel +46 8 506 766 00 · ·

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